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Behind Beliefs and Behaviors:

Dr. Maiysha is a physician, Master NLP Trainer, expert in psychological safety and trauma responsive communication. In this podcast, Dr. Maiysha takes you on a journey of what is behind specific beliefs & behaviors in both individuals and organizations. She & her guests get to the root cause of what stands in the way of everything from health, wealth, & relationships to leadership, community transformation, and societal progress. With topics that span from racial equity to personal health, this podcast is sure to provide practical tips to transform your life one root cause action at a time.

Black Mind Garden

Join Dr. Maiysha in the Black Mind Garden Monday’s & Wednesday’s for “fly on the wall” conversations about the unconscious patterns that influence our thoughts, emotions, & actions; how we shift the narrative and create better versions of ourselves & new legacies for our kids. Featuring doctors, psychologists, mental health professionals, life coaches & entrepreneurs, these conversations are meant to transform your mind, and uplift our community. So, if you are into law of attraction, spirituality, mental health, metaphysics, or just self improvement, you definitely want to tune in!

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Join Dr. Maiysha in the Black Mind Garden Monday’s & Wednesday’s

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